It rides great...Im going to take it out again this week, then its back to the lift. There are things Im going to change up....Sorry Honey.
Chopper Dave flew in for the weekend to set the mag and do some wiring...Its time to shakedown and get back to work on it...There are a few things I will change and rework. I will continue to post more pics as this thing comes together.
Well, all thats left is wiring and tuning..Im sure Ill change a few things, but for the most part, I just want to ride it. Ill keep posting pics as it comes around.
Little wire...making a list...realizing what I did wrong...last second changes with the paint...relaxing night, I'm glad I started when I did. Feeling no pressure about getting it done....and yes, that oil tank is stainless steel.....
Im being lazy, and beer is oh so good....Made a exhaust bracket tonite.
The tail section, gas, and oil tank go off to the painter monday.
Mounted stuff, made a regulatur bracket, and drilled some holes.....Lazy Saturday..